Sunday 9 September 2012

On-stage at Hackleton - A View from the Maestro's Piano...

Whilst I am playing a great many engagements during the coming days, my next appearance with the Lincoln Noel Jazz Trio will be on Saturday 22nd September at the Dudley Winterbottom Hall in the Northamptonshire village of Hackleton.

We are playing here for the third consecutive year, but the first one with Kenrick Rowe on Drums (Andy Gemmell is preparing for first time fatherhood); alongside the ever-present Alan Prosser on Electric Bass. With a sell-out crowd in the hall, it will be a cracking evening with great music from the guys, loads of nonsense from me and hopefully another memorable occasion. My colleagues are in one word brilliant. Alan Prosser, who is also a very busy arranger, has played in the trio for more than 6 years and spontaneously understands and compliments all aspects of my playing unlike anyone I have ever known during my relatively short career as a Jazz Pianist. Kenrick Rowe (currently working regularly with Aswad), and I first met on a tour back in 1997 and together we gave 150 performances nation-wide, whilst I was the Musical Director of a new ambitious show called "Tappin' Harlem". He was the vital glue within an effervescent musical sextet of big personalities that created some of the best swing I have ever played on a theatre stage. Like Alan, Kenrick is very intuitive with regard to my performing mindset, and then creates a delightful rhythmic canvas upon which I can happily weave melodies effortlessly and contentedly; The trust between the three of us is complete.

Live Concert Performance is exciting, terrifying, rewarding and exhausting. As a regular soloist, I happily trust myself to play anything at anytime for anyone because I trust my intellectual and physical machinery to deliver. Within the trio, in theory it should be harder to achieve that but because these guys are technically supreme and mentally on my radar, they can and will follow me musically anywhere in an instant. For example I can AND WILL play "Knees up Mother Brown" in the middle of "Summertime" if the moment takes me and it's exciting for the audience to watch that happen in real-time! It's an unwritten agreement I have with my unique group of musicians who slot into my ensemble; and they thrive on the 'danger' involved in this rolling relationship because they, like me, understand the value of the live audience experience; it's why we chose to do this in the first place!! ________________________________________________________________________

If you are planning to watch us live and cannot get a ticket for Hackleton, we're in St Edburg's Church in Bicester on Saturday October 20th at 7.30pm (this one has free flowing beer and wine, yes really!!) and Papa Cinos in Northampton on Sunday 25th November at 8pm (Pasta and Jazz for £12.50 - now that's what I call serious value!). Check our Facebook page for details.

Enjoy the clip...

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Introducing...The Lincoln Noel Jazz Trio

The Lincoln Noel Jazz Trio was formed in August 1999 to fulfill an engagement in Milton Keynes. The boys enjoyed the process of rehearsing and spending time together so much for they carried on. Today the Lincoln Noel Jazz Trio is a well presented and much sought-after ensemble that has performed nation-wide. The current line-up is: Piano/Vocal - Lincoln Noel, Drums/Percussion - Andy Gemmell and Bass - Alan Prosser. Although they give numerous on-stage live performances, their expertise shines brightest in Corporate Events and Weddings; whether accompanying Drinks Receptions, Wedding Banquets or creating a vibrant Party atmosphere; their versatility is supreme.